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Dr. Kellon et. al,
Upon the advice of Dr. Kellon, I had my very porky Pinto (Buddy)
tested for IR/cushings per your advice. (I was very worried about
laminitis) His numbers came in today and are dead-on normal range
according to my vet (Genessee Valley Equine Clinic). My concerns

Hello Ellen,

Have you done the G/I ratio with your lab numbers?

My Pony and a couple of other horses that i have worked with numbers
came back in the 'normal range' but when you do the G/I ratio with the
numbers they come up with a ratio that shows they are indeed IR or
compensated IR.

Just a thought to remind you to do the math and see if things are
still good. Here is a nifty calculator that does the thinking for you
all you do is plug in the numbers and values and Voila! you know what
you have!!

Julie ( without Cinderella)

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