Re: Tested grass hay results - what do you all think?

Cheryl Hooper <capnmrgn2000@...>

--- On Mon, 7/28/08, familyjudith <jfamily@...> wrote:

Everyone: I am offered some tested grass hay. Equi-Analytical Lab
results state that the (as sampled) percentages are as follows:
ESC is 7.0,
starch 1.5,
crude Protein 10.8,
est. Lysine .37
ADF 33.9
NDF 58.4
NFC 14.0
calcium .43
Phosphorus .26

% moisture 8.4
% dry Matter 91.6

The sugar and starch look good to me. I am not certain about the
others. Any other thoughts out there before I buy???
Thanks, Judi and Tawny

Hi Judi,
The #s you have there look good but you're missing some important ones! Magnesium and all the there more info. available?

Cheryl and Oliver, 24yo Morgan with ECD and IR, in Newbury, MA

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