Grazing/Whole Diet?

julie <juliecongleton@...>

This is really not a generic question. I have uploaded my pasture
samples a.m. and p.m., and my hay sample. (I did freeze the pasture
samples and ship overnight on ice, not sure now if that was good
enough) Need help to learn to balance those numbers to a tangible
diet....wanted to graze 12 hours per night, based on the sample
Mare A G/I=8.48 I=10.49 Mare B G/I=8.58 I=10.49 Are these mares still
compensated? Both are neg for cushings.
I would like to move on with my life, but I don't feel confident
feeding the regular amounts since adding pasture grazing. Mare A-18
lbs per day Mare B-14 lbs per day.
Have onhand for balancing: Omegashine, Iodized Salt, MagOx, Selenium,
VitE 1000, Midwest Agri Plain BP 2 lbs daily (willing to use more or
I am very lost and don't know how to do the chart. I printed it out
and have a calculator, but don't know if the decimal place is correct.
I have been here a year and have never tried to I remember
Julie (with cinderella and sophie)

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