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Hi everyone -

I have just joined the list and would like to introduce myself. I live in PA, and have two Paints - a three year old gelding (Phantom) and an 18 year old gelding (Hank). I show at both open and breed shows, and do everything - English, western, driving, games. I also do all of the riding and training myself - it's more rewarding that way!

Hank is my Cushings horse - through the keen eye of my former vet, we had him tested (insulin, cortisol and thyroid; not a true challenge test) after he absessed twice in a six month period, and his insulin level came back sky high. He has been on 64 mg of cyproheptadine twice a day for three years and is doing great - in fact, he shed out before my three year old this year!

We have had trouble getting cypro here also, and the price had gone to nearly $50 for 1000 tabs (a months supply), until my new vet found a source for a liquid cypro, at half the price of tablets. So far, so good - Hank is due to be tested soon.

I enjoy reading the posts and am learning more about this condition - thankfully, Hank's x-rays showed no rotation, he is sound in mind ??? :) and body so far, and is enjoying his semi-retirement as a lesson horse and trail horse.

Jeri Miller

Hank's homepage - "Driving In Color"
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