Re: Rock Hard ODTB cubes

loes <loes1@...>

Hi Mandy

I bought 1 pallet (40 bags) of the same batch no. 5 weeks ago - not
all cubes are bad. I use a claw hammer and when you hit it just
right you can make them bite size. You need to wear eye protection
for flying chips .

I am picking up 40 more bags on Tuesday - I am pretty sure they will
be the same batch number. Still better than no cubes, just extra work.

Loes & Romke

On Aug 9, 2008, at 5:29 PM, ponycarriages wrote:

Hey ~ anyone who feeds these cubes.
I just got a lousy bunch of cubes ~ batch # 4693-10788 of these rock
hard cubes

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