Re: Cheapest place to get Pergolide

loes <loes1@...>

In 1989 my vet charged me $40 to sign a piece of paper. I went to his
office, when I tried to leave he called me back and said: "that'll
be $40, my signature is not free." Mind you, this was 1989, $40
bought a lot more then.


On Aug 15, 2008, at 2:00 PM, lindarollins38@... wrote:

charges a $5 fee for scripts. Can she get away with that, even if
it's a law in MA?
My horse vet charges a $2.50 "hazardous waste disposal fee" for
every syringe. Ay wonder we all gripe so much about coasts. Some of
them are nothing more than gouging, plain and simple!

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