Turn-out Suggestions Please


I have good news and bad news.
My 18yr old Morgan had been suffering through repeated bouts of
lameness from Feb to about June. Probably last summer too. He was
diagnosed with Insulin Resistance in about April. (I tried to
upload a case file and failed miserably). Through the help of
reading this forum and wonderful understanding stable owners, we
were able to get Sky healthy and sound. His insulin was 94 when
diagnosed, 137 after we stupidly tried limited grass. Once he was
moved to a dry lot--down to 11 !! in early August. He is at a
boarding facility so his diet is somewhat modified from the ideal on
this list. He has orchard grass hay with some alfalfa that tested
at 1.7% starch and 8.9% sugars. He also gets about 2-3 lbs OBTC
cubes and about 1 lb TC low starch. We are transitioning him off
the OBTC cubes to barn hay only. Since he is doing well on this
diet I'm thinking he may be less sensitive than some?
Here's my problem--He's doing so well he is stirring up way too much
trouble in the pony paddock, the only dry lot on the place! He
starts bullying the ponies whenever they bring out hay or look like
they might be thinking about bringing out the hay... Last night was
the last straw ---he is just too much for that group. He is now
living in the round pen --our only other option without grass.
My options right now are leaving him in the round pen alone without
shelter (we are in Minnesota and he is in a stall at night),
possibly a paddock with very limited grass that would have all day
access to hay (different cutting than what I had tested), or moving
him which I really don't want to do. The current facility is run by
amazing people who have put up with all the special diet and
treatment to get him healthy--and they grow their own hay, so there
is a consistent source. Now that we have him healthy, we don't
know what to do with him.

Any suggestions??


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