Re: Stiff gait??

Mandy Woods

Hi Sarah,
Your Fjord may be suffering from ''smoldering laminitis''. This is a term to describe 'pre walking on egg shells'', not quite sound/not quite lame, stiff.....things like that! What was her insulin number? We can check her RISQI score for you if you can get the number and lab unit. She should be on the tightest diet you can get her on now. We're in the seasonal rise for cortisol and she needs all the help she can get.
You pergolide may be uneffective after 2 months. See if your vet will call in an rx for you at Vet Pet Solutions 1-303-320-6034. The powder/capsules last 6 months.
IF Rhoda has a crest you need to put her on the Diet today. Can you get ODTB cubes? That would take care of your boarding problem and Diet at the same time. IF you turn her out, use a muzzle with the hole taped shut.
I hope you can get her to your place soon so you can control her diet. She's IR and thats managed by diet.
Get enough hay to last you several months if not the entire winter, then test it. Or split 50/50 hay and ODTB cubes. Exercise would be great for her even if its hand walking for 30 minutes a day!
Keep us informed.
Mandy and Asher in VA

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