Re: A Word from my equine dentist

Marie Milliman

Hey Cindy and Ginger,

Cindy, you're a genius! Also, the question that came to my mind, Isn't
22 still pretty young to start losing permanent teeth? If it is, I
would want to know why the tooth is unhealthy, or, abnormally worn?
If there is a trend starting, either due to tooth health issues, or,
abnormal wearing you might want to get the "root":))) of the problem
to avoid additional loss of other teeth.

Good Luck,

Marie, Caillou and Player

The dentist told me that a #8 tooth (upper) was almost ready to come
out - may have almost a year life left

Hi Ginger,

If this was my horse, I would have to ask: why doesn't the
dentist pull
both teeth? No growth to meet the other because neither is there.

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