Smoldering Laminitis?

Gina Keesling

Let's talk about this... what does it look like? Is the horse tender to
hoof testers? Heat in the feet?

I had a myriad of vets out last year over Allie's problem - everybody
looked at the feet first. They looked healthy - no heat - no response to
testers - no head bobbing on the straightaway - no gimping in turns. The
more concussive the footing, the slower she went - but we could NOT get
anything that resembled a lame step no matter what we did.
So feet were deemed NOT the problem. But after reading this I am not so

From what I have been told by barefoot gurus- Allie has more lamellar
stretching than she should, although nothing remotely close to the wedge
that chronically foundered feet get. My husband was a farrier for 15
years, and he says her feet are perfectly fine... So I don't know what
to think. When she gets her feet trimmed, it's not unusual to see
pinkish spots in the wall/laminae area (she has white feet). What's up
with that?



Gina Keesling, owner

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