Re: Turn-out Suggestions Please

Cindy <cthompson@...>

You might be surprised at your horse's reaction to a grazing muzzle.
Mine both adapted quite quickly and have only managed to pull it off
once in 4 years. I get the $18 ones from Country Supply catalog
because my horses destroy the rubber part and I go through 2/Summer. I
buy the horse size for my quarter horses that are on the small side. I
just adapted one for Curran since he's not supposed to eat too much.
My farrier gave me a hard plastic pad/hoof boot insert (probably for a
draft horse) and I cut it to fit in the bottom of the muzzle. Then I
drilled a 1/2"-3/4" hole in the middle - much smaller than the original
one the muzzle came with. I put self adhesive velcro strips on the pad
insert and bottom of the muzzle to hold it in place. It works
great ... but don't ask Curran what he thinks!


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