Re: Need help understanding blood test results.


She just started the Pergolide, 1 ml daily, should I have her on any special diet?

Hi Diane,
WOW! With an ACTH like that, you bet I put her on a special!
Get her of grass or any kind of pasture at all. NO PASTURE. Period.
When you joined, you were send a lot of files. Go to the Emergency Diet and start it immediately.
If this was Peanut, I would start him on 1 mg pergolide AM & 1 PM. then work up to 1.25 mg AM & 1.25 PM. Keep her on 1 mg twice a day for about a week, then gradually increase.
I would also get some APF to help with the "pergolide veil" that happens to so many of them. I just had to respond immediately to your inquiry about a special diet, and the answer is YES! YES! YES! I'll look at her case history next.

Linda in MA, Peanut in CT

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I just got back, my horses blood test results, and would appreciate
any help, in trying to understand what the results mean.
I uploaded her file history, its Momma-Diane. Her ACTH, is 1250, the
vet said she definitely has cushings. Cornell said number is very high,
might be a spike?
Her insulin is 82.9, and her glucose is 98, her ratio is listed as
12. Does that mean she is not IR?

I would appreciate any help, as right now, I'm overwelmed, trying to
understand this.

Thank you,
Diane and Momma

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