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From what I have been told by barefoot gurus- Allie has more
stretching than she should, although nothing remotely close to the
that chronically foundered feet get. >
My horse was stoic coming up to her foundering. All through the
winter I told my farrier her white line was stretching - not much
though 2/16th of an inch maybe. He said that white line disease in
our area was somewhat normal!!! I wormed her one spring day and bam
next day she came up lame. I called my farrier out and he thought
she then had a shoulder injury. Put her on pasture for a few days
then both feet went lame!!! She had small fat pads on her rump and
behind shoulders - was told Canadians are a bit chunky by many
people. The white line though was the sign I got before the
diagnosis. From what I understand a stretched white line is
increasingly becoming part of the pathology of laminitis. Pete Remey
has an excellent article on the connection on his website.>


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