Nutrena Lite Balance v. blue seal carb guard

julie <juliecongleton@...>

Has anybody tested this Nutrena Lite Balance? I searched our files and
did a search on our messages.......would you feed Carb Guard as you
would a regular grain product? I have ordered two bags of this for the
foundered mare at our barn. She has a 9 degree rotation on the right
front. She is eating my low s/s hay. She has not been tested for IR.
she is about 10 years. Saddlebred. Very cresty, but ribby. Crest
comes and goes with exercise. She refuses the bp. She is sort of on
the emerg diet, using TCSS forage as the carrier for additives.
Wonder, when do we go to Carb Guard from TC........The owner has been
feeding the Nutrena product prior to the grass laminitis attack (Or do
you call it founder????) xrays have confirmed rotation on the
right.....baseline is a 5 degree rotation to start with from films from
last year. Mare has a history of laminitis/founder attacks.
Hugs, Julie (with cinderella)

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