Need hay help ASAP!!


This is a repost asking for help from a hay guru for my mineral
balancing. All e-mails to Dr. Kellon haven't been responded to. I
have my tested hay listed in the files under the pdf file EQ012375,
Karen/Illinois Teff Hay #2. AS I said before, I realize it shows a
high iron content, but I know this is due to dirt in the sample from
the farmer cutting this grass too low. I really need some help on what
to balance this hay out with. I've previously had mineral balancing
done through Dr. Kellon and then ordered through Uckele, mixing the
needed minerals with a flax seed base. I need to start feeding this
hay next week. My IR mare, Glory, also gets the following
supplements: Quiessence, 2 scoops; iodized salt, 2 tsp., Thyro-L,
Vitamin E, 1,000 mg. capsule; APF, chondroitin and HA. Please help!!
Karen & Glory in Illinois

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