Re: Turn-out Suggestions Please

Mandy Woods

This really boils down to your preference and what your horse likes best. I like the cheapo Tough1 that costs under $20 now. I use a regular halter first then wrap the throat latch piece of the muzzle halter around the throat latch piece of the regular halter. My boy can get things off easily **BUT** I never leave when he has it on. I am here to watch him just in case. Also, he never wears it more than 4 hours at a time. The reason I like the Tough1 is because the horse size has a big basket and its soft. I started out in the Best Friends and it was too hard and cut his nose up so bad I had to add mole skin to the basket where it rubbed. He didnt appreciate a cut nose either. The secret to fitting is let the basket hang about one inch below the lips....if you tighten it all up and it touches the lips when they are just standing, it rubs them. Be watchful of their teeth too. Biting the rubber plate wears down the incisors at odd angles.
Mandy and Asher in VA

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