Re: Stiff gait??

Anne Cole <songster234@...>

Hi Mandy,
Her insulin was 18.54 ulU/mL (ref 10-40). Her thyroid was all within normal range, but on the low side of that. Thanks for any help you can give me!

What are the ODTB cubes? So, you're saying that I should switch to that or a combo of hay and ODTB cubes, cut out the CarbSafe and keep the Quiessence -- is that right? I think the stable owner can handle that. And I'll check to see if my vet will call in the prescription -- he's very inflexible about alternate sources of Pergolide. But I'll insist :-) Because I use the Poulin products, I can have any hay I put up (and my fields) tested free by our local rep. So, I should be ok when I finally can move her.


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