grazing muzzle

fbutner <fbutner@...>

My horse hates the Best Friends style muzzle. It rubs sores under his
chin when I fit it securely enough so he can't get it off right away.
When it is fitted loose for comfort, he can get it off quite handily
and he has destroyed at least 5 of them over the past several years.
One time I actually witnessed him giving directions to another horse to
unbuckle it for him. that was amazing and hillarious. He maneuvered
his head and body and communicated to the other horse about his teeth
helping out. He also gets very depressed with it on. that being said,
I found another style called the Green Guard Grazing Muzzle. I found a
used one on e-Bay and he loved it. It was a little too big for him, so
he ended up destroying it in the end (took about 1 month). The design
is entirely different. It fits more like a diaper, for lack of a
better description. No rubbing, and his lower face is not bound up.
The problem is that you can only find this brand in in the UK. So far,
I have not gotten the company to respond to shipping a new one
overseas. I am trying to find a US dealer who will start carrying this
brand. Any ideas on who might be willing?

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