Re: A Word from my equine dentist

Joan and Dazzle

Actually, it's not unusual for horses with Cushings disease or insulin
resistance to have accelerated eruption due to loose periodontal
ligaments. That's how my Miss Dazzle was diagnosed. My dentist, who is
a vet specializing in equine dentistry, looked in her mouth and said
"She has Cushings disease".

He suggested that I test. He can recognize insulin resistance and
cushings disease from inspecting a horse's mouth.

So, that would not surprise me in the least.

Joan and Dazzle

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Hey Cindy and Ginger,

Cindy, you're a genius! Also, the question that came to my mind, Isn't
22 still pretty young to start losing permanent teeth? If it is, I
would want to know why the tooth is unhealthy, or, abnormally worn?
If there is a trend starting, either due to tooth health issues, or,
abnormal wearing you might want to get the "root":))) of the problem
to avoid additional loss of other teeth.

Good Luck,

Marie, Caillou and Player

The dentist told me that a #8 tooth (upper) was almost ready to come
out - may have almost a year life left

Hi Ginger,

If this was my horse, I would have to ask: why doesn't the
dentist pull
both teeth? No growth to meet the other because neither is there.

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