Re: Need hay help ASAP!!

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>This is a repost asking for help from a hay guru for my mineral
Hi Karen,

I know this is frustrating.
I'm just coming up for air and have to dash off again,but I wanted to
make a suggestion while you're waiting for one of us(not that I'm a
guroo!) to be able to help.
In the Files there is a fabulous set of both paper and pencil hay
balancing worksheets,and X-L worksheets,all thanks to Patti Kuvik.
Don't be too quick to say,"No way I can do that!!!" because
especially the paper and pencil sheets are absolutely step-by-step
clear ,and fully explained.
Hit the Resd Me First Sheets,stay calm,think positively and then grab
a pencil(mine always has an eraser)and paper,and your analysis,and
just slowly begin...oh ,and a calculator if you like.....filling in
the blanks according to what Patti asks for.
You will be very surprized at what you can do.
I know it's not what you want to hear,but maybe it'll make you feel
better while the rest of us are trying to get out from under??

Just a thought.Don't hit me.


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