Re: Stiff gait??

Mandy Woods

Hi Sarah,
Ontario Dehy Timothy Balance cubes are low sugar/starch 3/4inch cubes
specifically formulated for metabolic horses. They are made by the Dehy
company with Dr. Kellon balancing the minerals which are added to the cubes.
All you add is a vitamin E capsule, plain salt and freshy ground flax seed.
The reason I suggested the cubes is to make feeding her easier on the barn
owners/staff and reducing sugar/starch in Rhoda' diet. You could feed half cubes so you dont have to soak hay.
Then when you are at the barn, you could soak two flakes of hay for the
other half of her daily feed. Carbsafe and Quiessence are good products
but they wont balance the hay your're feeding. It all sounds complicated
in the beginning but it does get easier as you go along. When you move her
home and have total control of her feed intake ~then~ you will see how
balancing becomes so important. She's you need to really reduce
the esc/s/fat that she consumes. 10% or less esc/s is the number we aim
Enter her insulin number here: to see
that she's IR even though her test results land in the 'normal range'.
Keep us posted!

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