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I have a frustrating living/working situation right now. Most weeks I'm away from my horses during the week because of my work. Because of that, I have to feed round bales, free choice. That's why my hay choice becomes really important. Luckily both of my horses have gotten accustomed to this and pace themselves hay-wise really well. I pay a neighbor that lives about a mile away to come every evening I'm not there and give them their supplements, but there's no way she can come twice a day for hay feeding -- no matter what I could pay her. By this time next year, I won't have that situation and can be there full time, but until then I have to do my best this way. My IR mare is a Tennessee Walker, 15.2 hands, 1100 lb. Dr. Kellon was able to balance my minerals last year this way, so I'm hoping it can be done. Thanks in advance for whoever can help me! Karen & Glory in Illinois.

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This is a repost asking for help for my mineral
I can't find anywhere where you say how many lbs of this hay you feed
a day.


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