Re: are nutrition changes worth it?

Linda <PapBallou@...>

Thank you so much for the encouragement! I am SO frustrated with my
horses feet! I have had their feet checked by a certfied natural
trimmer practitioner.

Hi Karen -

I'm going to add on to what Kathleen said. I would love to be able to
have pea gravel, and one of the horses I trim routinely works on pea
gravel (dressage)...his feet have become almost self-maintaining.

But what I have chosen to do is add driveway gravel and small lava to
areas that my horses have to cross out in their acreage. They have a
sort of paddock paradise, and one lane is solid driveway gravel. Pap,
Mr Tenderfoot, now runs down the gravel, and some of his heel/bar
deformity issues have been corrected by nature.

Often times, assuming there are no underlying issues, it's just a
matter of being on the less soft ground.

You can do it!


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