Re: A Word from my equine dentist

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Ginger, is #8 one of the "chewing" teeth rather than an incisor? I don't know for sure but my equine anatomy book shows twelve upper and twelve lower back there, on each side. My 30 yo mare ate hay just fine until she lost her third one. Then she began to quid a lot and lose weight so now she eats a combination of soaked timothy balanced cubes and beet pulp, oats and free-choice grass pasture (she is not IR). She does quid tough grass but even without those three teeth she can eat the cubes dry as well. Your girl may not have any problem with the missing tooth. However, she may be happy to let you check occasionally for stuff stuck in the space that her tongue can't loosen. I never found any of that in Angel, though, and she is fit and sassy. Linda in NC

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