Re: D-Carb Balance; Glycocemic EQ; Remission; etc

Joan and Dazzle

Once you balance your hay, Horsetech will do a custom supplement.
They are fairly reasonable.

Custom supplements are usually less expensive than all the things we
normally throw at our horses.

The first step is to test your hay. You may find that you don't
*need* much more than your hay gives you. Dazzle only needs to add
the copper and zinc. - When I've tested her hay, with her orchard
and little bit of alfalfa, her Ca:P ratio was good. Her Ca:Mg ratio
was good.

She needed salt (sodium), selenium, flax, vitamin E.

And copper and zinc. - That's not too overwhelming for me, so I just
mix it myself.

But both and Horsetech will do a custom supplement at a
fairly reasonable rate.

Joan and Dazzle

--- In EquineCushings@..., edain@... wrote:

Thanks for your reply. Where would I get custom-made minerals? I
had thought of that, but the thought of having to find every
separate mineral my horse needed to balance the hay ration and
mixing it was just way too time-consuming.

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