Not so new - NEED HELP, PLEASE

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I've uploaded Aunt Farah's case history and hay
analysis, and would really like advice and help
with both, please. She's currently having another laminitis spell, and I'm
not sure why. As for the hay - I need help on balancing please. I've used
HorseTech in the past, and know that they will custom mix. She was
diagnosed last year as being Cushings and (from Dr K) compensated IR. Farah
is in a dry lot, with access to a stall. She's 14.2h, and "well sprung" -
her weight is good, at 873 lbs, but she keeps a crest, and has for many
years. She's in pads and boots right now, due to a laminitis episode. Her
pergolide was increased on 08/14 from 0.75 mg to 1.5 mg, based on symptoms.
The vet pulled blood on 08/20 (ACTH, insulin, glucose) but told me that it
takes Cornell 4-6 weeks to get the results back.

Currently (since the beginning of August) Farah is on the emergency diet,
with the addition of a few ODTB cubes (soaked and added to the S/R beet
pulp). She's also getting the MgOx, ground flax and VitE. Although she
eats the beet pulp, she's not crazy about it, and the addition of the ODTB
cubes helps.

I'm soaking her hay - but need to know if that is still necessary. ESC =
4.2% and starch is 0.9%. Yesterday I asked, but haven't yet received any
replies on this.

I'm also trying to contact Terry in AL (have left a message with someone and
I'm hoping she'll call me back soon), with regard to the ODTB cubes, since
Tractor Supply and the TN Farmer's Co-op --- which is *anything but*
cooperative --- will not get them, and I have only 3 bags left. I do have
access to Buckeye Safe n Easy pellets but she's
not getting any at this time. Prior to this recent laminitis episode, she
was getting in her bucket feed ~1 lb pellets and ~1 lb soaked ODTB cubes,
twice daily, along with her hay.

Thanks in advance.



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