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Hi Mandy, and THANK YOU !!! The case history is in Files > 9 Case Histories
and is "Farah - McCutcheon.doc." The hay analysis is "McCutcheon.pdf
Farah's hay" and is in the file group Hay -- Members worksheets & Feed
Analysis. It's pretty clean and weed-free

I do my own trimming, with periodic checks from an excellent barefoot
trimmer. She's had a history of chronic laminitis, but was sound prior to
my last trim (basically a minimal rasping from the top and balancing the
heels) on 28 July. Her toes are backed up, heels low and balanced. She is
flat-footed, though, on the fores.

I'm not at all happy with the vet (and the previous one insisted on shoeing
Farah with rock and roll shoes and keeping her stalled - something I am
adamantly opposed to. She was also not educated at all with regards to
Cushings, and not willing to learn). I've just learned of another vet
clinic in Fayetteville TN (I'm in Winchester) that a good friend recommends,
so I'll probably be calling them.

One more thing: I did order and start using Navilam O (Devil's Claw and
English Hawthorn) from Equi-Natural
<> , but three days after starting Aunt Farah on it,
at their recommended loading dose of "2-4x the average dose" (average dose
is 5ml / 100 lbs body weight), she became very stiff-legged lame. I don't
know if it was coincidental or not, but I stopped giving it to her. Do you
know of any reason that I shouldn't give this product?

Again, thank you (and anyone else who can advise here). I'm looking forward
to more help, after you get to the files (apols that the links didn't work).



I couldn't open your urls' so I"ll just hit ya over the head with the DDTs
until I can find her case history. These are 3 things we need to have in
place to have have optimum results. I am getting this feeling that your
pergolide dose is not enough. We are in the seasonal rise so her regular
dose should be raised. It doesnt take Cornell 4-6 weeks - it takes 4-5 them ( 607-253-3900) and ask if they've recieved your
bloodwork. ITs critical you get her ACTH in the normal range especially
Diet seems tight especially if you're soaking low sugar hay. *BUT* does it
have high iron? (cant see your analysis) IF it has over 100ppm in iron,
just rinse it. Iron worsens IR. Not getting any weeds/leaves/etc?
Correct trim? Is her foot balanced? Low heels, toe backed? Mechanical
Thats all I can come up with.....Does anything set off alarm bells for you?

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