Re: are nutrition changes worth it?

Lori Long

Hi everyone,

I just want to check my math on this to make sure I'm doing it right. Below
is my grass hay analysis. It checked out great as far as NSC! Only 5.5!

My calculations tell me I need to add 167mg Copper to balance out the high
Manganese. I also need to add 482mg of Zinc. Am I right?

As Fed:

%Calcium .65
%Phosphorus .29
%Magnesium .28
%Potassium 2.09
%Sodium .044
PPM Iron 192
PPM Zinc 15
PPM Copper 4
PPM Manganese 71
PPM Molybedenum 1.9

Feeding 18 lbs. per day

Thanks for your help!

Lori, Anni, FiFi and the boys

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