Re: introduction


I just switched over to the liquid cyproheptadine this spring and I am hoping
that it works as well as the pills did. I know I have to shake the bottle
like crazy, and then I fear that I may be measuring foam, not all medicine.
Pandora and Sadie Mule are on 116 mg and 88 mg of cypro respectively, which
was 29 tabs and 22 tabs but now 1.2 cc and 0.9 cc of the liquid. The price
is right, the mixing is easier, but last time Pandora's hooves were trimmed,
she had a lot of those little old bloody specks in the separations of her
white line. Do you know what I mean? This is a 16 year old, small mule who
has had, I think well over 20 abscesses. I have actually lost count. It
seems we have a set pattern after almost every hoof trim. Even though I
cover her feet for about a week or so, she still often ends up with an
abscess, duct tape/pampers booties or not. Poor baby! The larger mule,
Sadie, seems a bit tender in all four right now, so I am watching her like a
hawk. Please keep us posted on how you do with the new liquid form of
Thanks and Good luck! Kay

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