Re: Best treatment for ulcers?

Saucier Kathy

Sorry I am about a week behind on these digests and just saw your questions about ulcer treatment.
Christina mentioned giving the Gastro Guard which has 4 doses for $40. And you don't need a prescription to use it. I used this on Magic early this summer to determine IF ulcers were what we were dealing with. When we gave him this even for a couple days, he responded. So I felt I could go ahead and invest into treating him with the Omeprazole. We found a cheaper source that does not require a prescription.
Here is the link. If you order from them, I suggest paying for shipping. The free ship route takes 21 days - just a warning.
They are tablets and some horses won't like them because of taste and may need some disguising. Picky Magic didn't seem to notice though. We cut the tablets into smaller pieces and they kind of get lost in the other food so you can get them down.
Each tablet is 700 mg and a full size horse may need 3 or 4 tablets a day. Depends on their weight. Ian Hudgings, pharmacist on this group, gave me a formula for dosing by weight of the horse. Mine weighed around 900 lbs at most and we gave him 3, which was a total of 2.1 g (2100 mg). You may need to speak to your vet to see what they want the dose to be.
A couple other horses at our barn were also on this treatment and it really really helped. So I used this source because it worked for them.
Kathy Saucier

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