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Hi Michelle,

Jiaogulan works as being a nitric oxide stimulator. It has been found
that the formation of abscesses appear to be speeded up on jiaogulan.

Bute blocks the effects of jiaogulan.

In this post, 97480, Dr. Kellon talks a lot about bute and jiaogulan,
although she talks about another drug also.

I wouldn't use bute with jiaogulan in the treatment of abscesses. And
abscesses will be extremely painful, but once they resolve, the pain

Joan and Dazzle

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I started my mare on jiaogulan a few weeks back and she's been
abcessing ever since.
I'm completely in the dark about this herbal. I've researched it a bit
through google but still do not understand its relationship to
abscessing of the hoof ... or at least I presume given the answers and
advice here it involves the sole of the hoof and abscesses.

Would someone be willing to take a moment and explain this to me ...
what the intention is in using it, and how it is used?


Donald R.

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