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Presuming IR you would want to stay away from Alfalfa if I'm not

I cannot find any hay that is already
Betcha can.
Hi Donald -

Unfortunately, not all growers are as concerned, understanding, and
well, honest as your BIL. We recently had several list members report
that they bought hay that was low s/s...even saw the hay analysis.
But the horses involved become worse. Personal hay analyses were
accomplished and the hays weren't even close (mineral profile as well)
to what the grower claimed.

I was guaranteed hay that was the same as what I had tested earlier in
the spring. It wasn't the same at all. Bottom line is the horse
depends on the owner for its health and it behooves everyone to test
their hay...
Now doesn't that just frost yah?

Probably bad sample taking. And a presumption, possibly, that hay from
the same field, even from the same cutting, is all going to be
consistently the same. 'Taint so, as you note below.

Oh! And I did get some hay later on that came in at 11% s/s and I
bought more a month later...same mineral profile and this time it was
7% s/s! Most likely a difference in when it was cut - morning v
afternoon. Even a few hours in a day can make a hay go from safe to
not so safe.
Yep. Early cut is lower in sugar content usually as I have read.

And yes, the alfalfa is not recommended for our horses!

On the West
In so many things we must rely solely on ourselves. And trust only
what we know personally.

My best bet would be to just figure that we must soak and drain our hay.

Donald R.

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