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Carlynne Allbee

In reply to "Take a deep breath and have a glass of wine......oops, it is still
morning- wait on the glass of wine until tonight :-)"
White wine in orange juice is acceptable for mornings.  They serve it at brunches in fine restaurants.  LOL   :-)
While I am not proposing alcohol as a solution, it is a chuckle we need in these battles.  After the 10th week of handling poor little Sam's abcess on his hip with it's five eruptions that exude puss as he walks, I no longer count the weeks or even look at the vet bill as I hand her my credit card.  He is skin and bones compared to his usual "is she pregnant? No my stallion is not pregnant" look.  He is not Cushings, but his group has given me many good ideas.
Hang in there,  If they are fighting, we have to give them every advantage in the battle that we can.  If they want to cross the rainbow bridge, we have to help them do that also.
You have lots of friends and fellow fighters.
Carlynne Allbee

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