Re: Can I send my blood samples in myself?

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Well I can do the draw but I don't have a centrifuge. Guess most
people don't :-) I called my small animal vet (I used to work for
him) and he is willing to let me use his clinic to prepare the sample
and maybe He will let me send it through his clinic. I bet he
wouldn't charge me. I think I'll go that route and then post results
here. My regular horse vet really has a problem with requests. They
ran a regular profile when I asked for insulin, glucose and I didn't
get any results. Just a call from the receptionist saying her
bloodwork looked okay and to bring in blood for the cushing's. I know
for a fact the other blood I brought in sat over night in their
fridge even though I brought it in the morning. I'd rather handle it
myself to make sure we get as accurate results as possible. Thanks
for the tips. I'll post when I get the tests back hopefully next week.

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If it's Cornell you're using can you contact them and ask what they
require.They might need your vet's contact info.I'm not sure.But |I
always send in my own samples...way cheaper...even when I used
a few years back.(I'm in Canada so I use Guelph up here now)

You shouldn't have to pay for tests you didn't ask for.
The ACTH endogenous is what you want for draw.

What paper work has your vetr provided you with for your

Hang in.It is a new way of thinking for some vets to have clients
actually want to be involved in lab work the way we do here.
If you can pull your own bloods you should be able to carry out the
entire process from horse to lab by yourself,and cut out the very
expensive middle-man charges of the clinic.


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