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Thanks for the speedy reply. :) My name is Allison. Doing more research I'm beginning to
think it must be because of improper handling as well, and yes it was done by Antech. I
unfortunately do not have his ACTH value as he was diagnosed shortly before I bought
him, and I do not have a copy of the results of his test. He is on 1mg of Pergolide a day.
I'm working on getting the case history uploaded, thanks again.

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Everything came back normal except for his Glucose levels which are
41 with a bold LOW next
to then. Reference range is 70-120mg/dL. Insulin level was 30.2,
reference range is 0-65
Hi Halfhalt (do you have a name??? ;-)

I had the exact thing happen today as well. My glucoses came back at
49 and 68. Low glucose is usually the result of improper handling
(waiting too long to process the blood) or testing the horse in a
fasting state. I *know* my horses were tested correctly following a
low s/s feeding, so figure it's the improper handling, which really
doesn't surprise me <sigh> However, I am eager to know that *if*
those low glucoses are in fact correct, what does it mean?

That insulin, even though within the normal range of your lab (assume
it's Antech?), is high. It is not normal and those lab ranges are not
reflective of current research. And should your glucose be low
because of improper handling, then your insulin is lower than what it
shows as well...

What was the ACTH value? I assume that was done as well since your TB
has been diagnosed as cushings?? Is he on pergolide? How much?

Are you familiar with our philosophy of DDT/E? Correct Diagnosis,
correct Diet, Trim and Exercise? If you just joined, you should have
received several documents, one The New Member Primer. Please read
that as soon as you can, and post questions here. The main concern we
have with IR and cushings horses is to prevent laminitis...and that's
were the emergency diet comes in...laid out for you in the NMP.

We have an extensive files section with more info than you will
probably ever need. File #1 is the New Member Primer...#9 is case
histories. It would help tremendously for all of us if you could fill
one out...then we can see more of what is going on with your horse and
help you get everything sorted out as quickly as possible.

On the West

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