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Hi Josey,
Rio, my 21 yo Peruvian Paso has the same symptoms you describe. He has
been on 1 mg of Pergolide, but in late August as the daylight hours
decreased, he started to grow a winter coat while the temperature was
still in the upper 90's. Also goopy eyes, and fat deposits. Poor guy!
I am increasing his Pergolide to 1.25 mg (awaiting delivery now) and I
hope that will help. Rio is on a soaked grass hay diet, with
supplements (spirulina, jiaogulan, magnesium, and a mineral mix for
California hay).

I will be watching the responses to this question. IMHO, I think one
should go slowly with increasing pergolide dosages, and wait for the
horse to absorb and respond to the increase.

Elena, Rio & Cuervo

--- In EquineCushings@..., JMillwood5@... wrote:

My 22 yo Morgan/Quarter has been on 1 mg Pergolide. I stepped it
up to
1.25 in August. However, his coat is starting to come in too long
getting fat pad over butt and has goopy eyes. SHould I go ahead
and step it up
to 1.5? ACTH last Jan was ok at 1 mg.
Diet the same, mostly hay, Source SR, HA, Vit E and Flax + Pergolide.

Thanks! Josey in Arkansas

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