Re: Founder Mare - weight gain suggestion..she's ribby

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From: julie

But she is ribby.

>>>>>>>How old is she?

On 2g bute, 1am/1pm.

>>>>>>>>>No more bute Julie. She needs to be off bute, it slows the healing process.

18lbs of forage.

>>>>>>>>>Feed her free choice safe in front of her at all times.

....but, the question is, how do I add the right fat to this diet...

>>>>>>>4 to 6 ounces of ground, stabilized flax. That's all the fat you need.

or am I going down the wrong road and need to use a forage source for weight gain in this situation?

>>>>>>>>>smile - you know the drill already, we'll just give you another nudge - no fat. Safe forage - beet pulp, calorie dense and safe. Free choice forage all she can eat all day and all night.

Let us know the results of bloodwork. What have you got on her feet to help comfort?


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