Re: Horse treats


Since I have a website with horse treat recipes and many are sugar
heavy some might think I'm a little one sided on this but I'm not. I
think low sugar is good for most horses but I don't think recipes like
this are evil either.

If a horse has no issues with sugar and starch it isn't the end of the
world for an owner to give treats like long as they do it
smartly. You wouldn't be giving one horse the whole 1 cup sweet feed,
2 cups bran, 1 cup flax seed, 4 large carrots, shredded, 1 cup
molasses, 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1 cup applesauce at one time.

That recipe should make at least a couple doz small treats. So the
horse would be getting 1/24 of that at a time(ideally). Of course that
wouldn't be good for any IR horses but is the owner evil if he gives it
as a treat to a horse that has no issues? Is a parent evil for giving
a kid a treat that might have more sugar in it then a kid that is
diabetic could have?

I do wish that people would learn not to over feed the heavy sugar
treats but I'm not so one sided to think they are 100% wrong either. I
gave Violet 4-5 molasses heavy treats. quarter sized about 1/4"
thick....Violet is a heifer and I had a good reason since I needed her
to stand and be calm for AI so it really isn't the same thing but good
be. Not sure how the whole Sugar/starch thing would play into it with
cattle. I don't think I grew horns and a tail for giving her those
treats. She more then likely viewed me as having a halo and
wings....maybe the guy doing the AI had the horns. lol


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