Re: Picture - Question/ slow down hay feeders - using gridwall (photos)

julie <juliecongleton@...>

If you go to the home page, above the intro, is NEW PICTURES, click on
that and it takes you to new pictures. My feeder and Karen's are very,
very similar. Mine is NOT gridwall and did not work. The holes were
2x2 and when she tried to pull a blob of tightly meshed hay, it pulled
the grid out. So, if Karen's is working, all I need is gridwall? How
easy was the stuff to cut? My feeder has a concrete base. The horses
went straight to it, but my grid didn't work. I think I must have seen
Karen's first before I made mine. Mine came from someone at the barn
had made this as a feed bucket holder and it was tossed out 'cause it
didn't work. I made some modifications and added the milk crate. I
was thinking that I could fill the crate w/hay and just turn it upside
down but sure they would never get the hay out then......
Julie (with cinderella and sophie)

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