11 blood results today

julie <juliecongleton@...>

So, I will have all the results today. I will use the calculator.
Should I take a picture of each neck as well. Some are cresty (to my
untrained eye) Two are founder, being managed by vets right now.
One of these is really bad, for two years now. (I did not know these
people as they are not at my barn. Her crest is horrible with a
large pad of fat on her shoulder. But very thin everywhere else.
Her mare has had a lot done to her. Tendon cut surgery. She is in
titanium shoes with heels way up due to bad rotation. She supposedly
gotten the xrays from the vet yesterday. She told me she was tested
negative for ACTH but she is on pergolide, as per her vet. She is on
grass daily turnout, and owner says she trots. (when I was there the
last two days she could hardly walk. I did trade her a brand new
muzzle for a centrifuge.) She is wearing that now. She has agreed
to a dry paddock. Question: Can a really badly hurting horse be on
gravel? She has an empty pole barn that I could make into a nice
paddock but there is dirt/gravel blend. The hoof, I am told, has
been re-grown out three times and it looks really deformed and badly
shaped, to my untrained eye. I will get some pictures of this mare
for sure. She told me that one farrier and one vet told her to put
the mare down.
Back to question: Can I post results and get help from the group? I
was thinking if yes; I can just make a sheet of results and call them
1 - 11 and see what the calculator tells me.
Has anybody ever tested negative with the calculator?
((julie)) thanks in advance

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