Hand walking - how long?

Cindy <cthompson@...>

I've been hand walking Curran for about 20-30 minutes/day for 3 weeks.
This is divided into 2 walks - one in the monring and one in the
afternoon. Sometimes he's on grass and sometimes on a smooth gravel
road. Hills/slopes are a given since we live in the mountains.
Sometimes he wears his Epic Easyboots (with hard pads) and sometimes
he's barefoot, but he's always barefoot in the sand paddock 24/7. He
seems perfectly fine but sometimes just a little tentative going down
hills when we're on the road but not on the grass. He also trots from
time to time when he feels like it, not because I'm asking him to but
because he decides to. It's now been almost 7 months since he broke
into the feed room and foundered.

What's your opinion about how much longer I should hand walk him before
I can start to ride him for short periods of time at a walk? Or,
should I be doing something else? I appreciate your input and


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