Re: iron overload testing - labs? - vet is losing patience.

J Amick

Gina, I am reading this post a little late, been busy with a lyme
disease flare up in
the gelding, and he was lame. On the mend now...

In response to your vet, blood testing at KSU etc.

You make the decisions as to where your money is to be spent.
Not him.... Antech labs do not give you the testing results that
need to proceed with an accurate diagnosis. I say this first hand as I
have an iron overloaded gelding, WITH Cushings and IR problems.

Now first off, you need to understand that this list is a cutting edge on
laminitis, Cushings, and IR and iron overload. Not a "chatty" list.
FAR beyond what any vet knows. Trust me.
Many vet colleges monitor this list to further their own info. Having
said this,
come right out and ask your vet, what his problem is with sending that
blood to
KSU, Cornell or wherever? YOU are paying for this service... You
aren't challenging HIS intellect, just the testing results.

I was put in the exact same situation with a very well known, highly
respected equine only
vet, and he ridicules me for "wasting my $$$" on a lymes test sent
to Cornell... He was
older and knew everything...I had to trailer for 4 hrs to get there.
I had had it with his attitude, and blasted him forth right with
draw the blood and it's my $$$... Result was a full blown lymes
results and he didn't even know how to treat my horse. Don't be
fooled with a vet's attitude... Your money is good anywhere. My
local vets have come right out and stated that they get
nervous coming here! I know as much as they do! LOL

You go to the files and print out the instructions for the iron
testing, and give it to your vet.
If he goes on an attitude kick, get another vet.... Plain and simple.

My horse is alive and kicking, gaiting, and being a great 20 yro
after full foundering of
penetration of both front coffin bones, WITH lyme disease which
started all of these

Keep us informed...

I asked him about the KSU lab, and he had never used them - Antech
<> is his lab of choice. Can I get
the same results from them? Or is it better to use the KSU lab? He said
he would draw the sample and send it wherever I want, however his
annoyance with my tedium was apparent.

Any ideas? Should I have him send the blood to the lab of his
preference? Insist he send it to KS? Have another vet prepare and send
it to KS?


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