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I'm gearing up to prevent winter laminitis in both of my IR girls
foundered earlier this year. Does this mean I shouldn't give them
Jiaogulan and/or
acetyl-L-carnitine due to founder damage?
Neither one will help with neurogenic pain. That's where the acetyl-L-
carnitine comes in. In some horses, the response is rapid and very
dramatic. In others, it's slow but steady. Slow but steady shouldn't
be too surprising since we're trying to reverse nerve damage.

Dr. Kellon,
The quote above is from a previous thread but
could you please share with us the recommended dosage of ALC and a
source for the supplement to be used for neurogenic pain? Is all
acetyl l-carnitine Okay to use or is there a specific "kind" that we
should be looking for?
Thanking you in advance,

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