OT but I believe important

Loes Cimino-Hernandez <loes1@...>

Fire season is here again and those of us in the desert and mountains have to face the
possibility of having to evacuate our animals. When your animals are evacuated, you may not
be able to be present and you may not know where they go. Often the rescuers don't know
who owns the horses, they load them up and get them out as fast as they can.

Case and point:

My husband works in a large public facility that at times assists animal control by housing
rescue horses. During yesterday's fires, when the local boarding facilities where filled up,
they received a number of horses. Unfortunately, the people who dropped them off did not
know who owned most of them. One person had been smart enough to spray paint a phone
number on the horse. They have not yet been able to locate the owners of all of the horses.

Last year I put ID tags on the halters that have their names, my name & phone number and
medical requirements. I hope it will never happen but at least they know my horse needs
medical attention and they can find me.

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