Re: introduction/the Kays/Off Topic but getting acquainted


Add to the equines, one happy barn cat who rides on Daisy Mae's back, when
Daisy is in a good mood, one hypothyroid mixed breed Lab/Aust. Cattle dog,
Becce, one deaf Maltese, Puppy, ( pet store boy, adopted by us at almost a
year old, now nine years old) and Mira, (My Miracle Angel) a 10 year old,
Maltese rescued from a Missouri puppy mill auction last Oct. 25th, minus many
of her teeth, but a happy girl now. She survived 10 years "on the wires" in
the puppy miller death camps, but now has ramps to use to get on the bed or
the futon, so she won't hurt her little knees, and food (too much, now on a
diet -- but I have no will power) So, as a retired RN, I now run a Nursing
Home at home for my animals! What's a mother to do? KP

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