Re: Cushings/ yellow from eyes

loes <loes1@...>

I am the one with the eye problem and I learned that it is an
indication that I need to increase the pergolide. The skin around my
eyes will turn red, then blister; used to groom him with a plastic
face shield until I made the connection. Increased him .25mg a week
ago and I am fine again. Will decrease .25mg in January, do a blood
panel and take it from there. Anyone else allergic that way?

Loes & Romke
Los Angeles County, January 2008

Alf used to have horrible eye goo, even on the chastetree berry. Since
he's been on Pergolide (2 years now), he doesn't have any eye trouble
- Cindy and Alf (with entourage) in NY
EC Primary Response Team
May 2006

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