Re: Regional distribution of Cushings/IR

Saucier Kathy

Hi Jodie!
I live fairly close to you, in Carrollton, TX.
My IR/Cushing's horse is gone now but I hang around because this is such a great group, always learning new info on nutrition, etc. and ready to help out locally if someone comes into the group that is down my way.
Over the years I kept up with or kept track of about 2 dozen people in our state with either IR, C's or both. But only a very few of us post much.
I believe there are a lot more cases that just don't get diagnosed as IR. I'm always coming across grass founders and such. And driving around and see the obvious laminitis horse standing with those feet out and still on a pasture & they wonder why the horse doesn't get better.

We do have a heavy population of QH's down here, for sure.
A regional study would be interesting especially if it took into account the breed.
We have a file, at least we used to, where you could list yourself by state. But not many have gone in and done that. I just checked and it is under "Database" - "Regional Members". There are 8 for Texas on that list and at least 2 of our horses are deceased. I just saw that my email address needed updating on that list.
And I added to my description a link to Magic's story you can read but it didn't seem to come out right so here it is,

So maybe we could encourage more on this group to go to that file and enter their info and we would have a better record of regional occurrence.
Kathy Saucier
Carrollton, TX
In memory of Copy's Magic Sundust, IR, C's

4a. Regional distribution of Cushings/IR
Posted by: "barsdoubletrouble" barsdoubletrouble@... barsdoubletrouble
Date: Sat Nov 15, 2008 11:33 am ((PST))

Hi Everyone, I have been lurking here reading posts for several
months. I have noticed what seems to be a regional difference in the
occurrence of Cushings and or IR. It may just be that the first
responders/list experts are the ones who post the most but there seems
to be a preponderance of afflicted horses/ponies in California, along
the east coast and Canada. I see very few posts that originate here
in Texas. Any thoughts about a survey of group members to see the
geographic distribution of Cushings/IR in the USA? Also, could this
just be that the breeds of horses/ponies more prone to Cushings/IR are
more common in these areas? We have a lot of Quarter Horses here and
I understand they are not as prone to developing primary IR as some
other breeds. Just thinking out loud.

Jodie and Brandy-26 yo QH Cushings mare
Decatur, Texas
spring 2008

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