LDH - IR - Hot Feet & Vaccinations

Loes Cimino-Hernandez <loes1@...>

Received results from Romke's most recent blood panel.

His LDH was 585 with a reference range of 150 - 450. since January of 2008 it has &#8232;gone:
459 - 514 - 490 - 558 and now 585. Is this cause for concern?&#8232;&#8232; He is exercised daily.

&#8232;&#8232;WBC - 4.7 (ref range 5.5 - 12.5) It has been a big problem since I own him (2001) and I
don;t know &#8232;how to get improvement. I am giving him colostrum daily and a equi-stim
shot every 3 &#8232;months. Should I increase the equi-stim shots?

&#8232;&#8232;Glucose is at 75 (ref range 70-120) and insulin 38.2 (ref range 0-65) IR Ratio 1.96 / &#8232;Risq.
0.16 He is on a full ODTB cubes diet. It has progressively gotten worse. His feet have been
warm to hot the since the middle of November. I have increased his pergolide by .5 mg
because of the hot feet, his irritability and my becoming allergic to him again (an indicator
that I need to raise it).

&#8232;&#8232;Everything else is normal. I did this one with Antech - will be doing another with &#8232;Cornell
end of January. ACTH is not in yet. &#8232;

When Romke came out of the hospital with his pneumonia (2004) they suggested that I
vaccinate him for flu/rhino every 4 months. At that time he was not yet diagnosed with
Cushings & IR. Should I continue this schedule or cut it back to every 6 months? He does
not have a negative reaction to the shots but the vet visits obviously stress him (he stands
in the corner of is stall and starts quivering when he sees the truck pull up).

Your suggestions for improvement and your assistance will be much appreciated.&#8232;

Thank you.

Loes & Romke
So. Cal. January 2008

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