Re: LDH - IR - Hot Feet & Vaccinations

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

If all his other enzymes and chemistries are normal, I wouldn't worry
about an isolated finding that is just slightyly out of range. What
was the differential on his white count? (% of neutrophils and
lymphocytes). PPID can depress white counts, particularly the
lymphocytes, but if his differential is normal (roughly 50:50
neutrophils and lymphocytes), that white count may be normal for him.
As for the Equi-Stim and vaccines, it really depends on his level of
exposure. If he's in a busy barn, it might be warranted although
personally I'd go with the intranasal influenza and the modified live
EHV vaccine then stick to a regular vaccination schedule. A more
important factor though is whether his PPID/ACTH is controlled. If
not, that is suppressing his immune system and he won't be able to
respond. As for his G:I ratio, have you ever checked it at Cornell?
Is the blood being rapidly processed to avoid artificial drops in

Eleanor in PA
EC Co-owner
Feb 2001

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