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Dr Kellon:

Thank you.

Neutrophills were 2632 (ref range 2700 - 6700) / lymphocites 1921
(ref range 1500 - 5500)

I did the 9/26 panel at Cornell Glucose 88 (ref range 75-117)
Insulin 29 (ref range 10-40) Ratio 3.01

Did a 8/18 panel at Antech Glucose 65 - Insulin 17.60 Ratio 3.69

Since I do so many I switch back an forth (per my request) between
Antech & Cornell - never seems to be much difference between ratio
only that his IR is progressively getting worse.

The blood is processed within the hour. He draws and goes straight
to his office (15 - 20 minutes). They have been very, very cooperative.
Initially they didn;t want to send it to Cornell but they understand
the importance and will send it where I want.

My vet and his staff do everything they can to accommodate my
requests, I am fortunate.

Loes & Romke
So.Cal January 2008

On Dec 17, 2008, at 6:46 AM, Eleanor Kellon, VMD wrote:

If all his other enzymes and chemistries are normal, I wouldn't worry
about an isolated finding that is just slightyly out of range. What
was the differential on his white count? (% of neutrophils and
lymphocytes). PPID can depress white counts, particularly the
lymphocytes, but if his differential is normal (roughly 50:50
neutrophils and lymphocytes), that white count may be normal for him.
As for the Equi-Stim and vaccines, it really depends on his level of
exposure. If he's in a busy barn, it might be warranted although
personally I'd go with the intranasal influenza and the modified live
EHV vaccine then stick to a regular vaccination schedule. A more
important factor though is whether his PPID/ACTH is controlled. If
not, that is suppressing his immune system and he won't be able to
respond. As for his G:I ratio, have you ever checked it at Cornell?
Is the blood being rapidly processed to avoid artificial drops in

Eleanor in PA
EC Co-owner
Feb 2001

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